2013 Presentations

We are grateful to our presenters who have allowed us to share their presentations with you on our website. 


FMA Local Chapters (61 KB)
-- Shayan Rehman [Wood Rodgers]

The State of Floodplain Management in the Bay Area (2.4 MB)
-- Mitch Avalon Contra Costa Co. Flood Control and Water Conservation District


Sorting Out Sediment: A Water Quality Perspective (1.1 MB)
-- Dyan White [CA Regional Water Quality Control Board]

South Bay Salt Ponds Restoration and Flood Risk Management (9.8 MB)
-- Brenda Buxton [State Coastal Conservancy]

Addressing Homeless in our Creeks and Rights-of-Way (1.3 MB)
-- Saneta deVuono-Powell [UC Berkeley]



Recovery Planning and Flood Protection [not a digital presentation]
-- Dick Butler [NMFS]

Flood Control 2.0 (Sediment Re-use Study)
-- Lester McKee and Kristen Cayce [SFEI]