2013 BAFPAA Conference Schedule

8:30 am

Registration and vendor set up


9:00 am


  • Welcome -- Carol Mahoney [BAFPAA Chair]
  • FMA Local Chapters -- Shayan Rehman [Wood Rodgers]
  • Invitation to "Regional Shoreline Resilience Planning" -- Larry Goldzband [BCDC]
  • BAFPAA business -- Carol Mahoney [BAFPAA Chair]



The State of Floodplain Management in the Bay Area

-- Mitch Avalon [Contra Costa Co. Flood Control and Water Conservation District]



BREAK  (15 min)

[coffee and snacks sponsored by Horizon Water and Environment]


10:20 am

Is Sediment Still a Bad Word?

-- Andy Gunther [CEMAR] and Dyan White [California Regional Water Quality Control Board]


South Bay Salt Ponds Restoration and Flood Risk Management

-- Brenda Buxton [State Coastal Conservancy]


Addressing Homeless in our Creeks and Rights-of-Way

-- Saneta deVuono-Powell [UC Berkeley]


California's "Flood Futures" Report

-- Terri Wegener [DWR]

12:20 pm

LUNCH (~1 hr)

Lunch will be provided.  Follow the signs to the serving area and enjoy your lunch in the Zone 7 Board Room.  A variety of vendors, posters and other displays will be assembled around the Board Room.  Be sure to check out the great work as well as some of the latest innovations in flood protection.


1:35 pm

Recovery Planning and Flood Protection

-- Dick Butler [NMFS]


The Los Angeles Supreme Court Ruling and its Impacts on Flood Protection and Stormwater Management  

-- Mark Horne [Cardno ENTRIX]


Cost-Benefit of Multiple Small Projects (Placerville Case Study)

-- Jeff Crump [RBF]


Flood Control 2.0 Progress Update (Sediment Reuse Study)

-- Lester McKee, Robin Grossinger, Kristen Cayce [SFEI] 


Closing remarks

3:30 pm